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Mia's Italian Kitchen

Mias Pizza

New and located in the heart of International Drive is Mia's Italian Kitchen which
is offering some fresh and unique Italian flavors.Decorated well in a kind of art
loving retro way similar to its sister restaurant Cafe Tu Tu Tango this place is cool
and welcoming.


We Jumped right into our entrees with a Fettuccine al Fungi which is some
really fresh fettuccine with just the right amount of sauce, loaded with a variety
of mushrooms. We also got a sausage pizza which was fired grilled to perfection
and absolutely delicious.As opposed to opting into another entree I decided to
grab 3 appetizers.


A giant meatball stuffed with cheese, tempura battered zuchinni fries,
and GNOCCHI AI QUATTRO FORMAGGI. Well, the meatball is as giant
as they say it is and it is definitely filled with cheese and served with two
large pieces of bread so that is a decent choice. The gnocchi was much
creamier than I had expected so if you are the type of  person who loves
creamy melted cheeses on dumplings then this one is definitely for you
I do have to say my favorite was the zucchini fries! crispy and delightful
these bad boys are served with a dipping sauce that had me munching away
happy as a clam.

For dessert we went all in on that Italian goodness. A tiramisu which was
as good as we had hoped it would be. The cannoli was sweet amaretto-candied
orange peel-ricotta filling, chocolate chips, whipped cream and broke up 
perfectly crisp. Then there was the nutella budino which was pretty much
nutella pudding served with hezelnut biscotti but please make no mistake, this
simple cup of delicious was scarfed down in the most savage manner.
Mia's is definitely on to something here, offering a nice casual Italian dining
option to the International Drive area. We have heard the brunch there is killer
so we will check that out and update when we try it out.


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