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Magical Dining 2019

So it is that time of year again, Magical dining is upon us. More than 100 restaurants pre set a $35 3 course menu. This is where I am going to update where we have been for magical dining this year. So enjoy and hopefully we can help you find your way around some of these restaurants.


The Ravenous Pig

 ravenouspigbeeftartare.jpeg magicalravenouschickenliver.jpeg
For the past couple of years The Ravenous Pig has been our first stop because time and time again they do such a good job with their menu. This year for the appetizers you can pick between a goat cheese and beet salad, fried chicken liver, or beef tartare. I tried chicken liver for the first time because of this and I have to admit it is enjoyable especially how it is served here but my choice for appetizer is hands down the beef tartare. It has a little kick to it but I absolutely loved it they do this dish so well.
 ravenpuspigrib.jpeg  magicalravenouschicken.jpeg

As for the entrees there is are mussels and fries, short rib, and chicken leg, as you can imagine all are delicious but my personal favorite was the shortrib. This shortrib was pulled and mixed in with some veggies and boy let me tell you this thing was killer. To wash it all down their rum punch served in the little piggy glass is so much fun!

Bulla Gastro bar

magicalbullabeef.jpeg magicalbullapork.jpeg magicalbullatuna.jpeg

Starts everyone off with a mini meat and cheese board which honestly is fantastic how do you beat someone that gives you an extra small course like that but anyways I digress. The bull themed drink is awesome it is one of their specialty whiskey drinks which I really enjoyed a couple of and it paired well with the food they were serving. For appetizers there was the salad which was great, light, refreshing and full of flavor so if you are not a heavy eater this is probably the route you would like to go. There are also fried artichokes, some pintxo moruno which are delicious little pork skewers, and a beautiful ensaladilla rusa which is a seared ahi tuna bowl but if you’re more fun like us you are going to adore the montadios because those little bread bites topped with that gorgeous tomato marmalade, cheese, and mind blowing brisket are something that I could easily eat by the dozen which I really wish was an exaggeration.

magicalbullaoxtail.jpeg magicalbullasteak.jpeg magicalbullasoup.jpeg
So if you haven’t tried to order the montadios by the tray already you will probably be moving on to en entree like a normal individual would and you are in luck because they have the choices of a really great chicken curry which hits all its note correctly, a salmon dish which is served up fresh on saffron rice, an arroz caldoso which is almost like a paella but more of a soup so that is a popular piece for your seafood loving friends, a grilled steak which is sitting on a truffled potato and mushroom foam which is as interesting as it is delicious, and then there is my favorite which was the oxtail. Now this oxtail isn’t served on the bone as you would typically expect it to be it is pulled and served up with shoestring potatoes and shishito peppers. That tender mixture and shishito peppers had me in adoration. As if all that doesn’t seem like it might have hit the spot already you get the option of churros and chocolate or some bread pudding for dessert which is all preference since you can’t go wrong either way. They had a good set of options for a Magical Dining menu, the creativity of the dishes and the flavors were all winners so this definitely makes our list of recommendations for your magical dining to do list if you have not been already!



magucalumikapungi.jpeg magicalumirolls.jpeg magicalumitempura.jpeg

Smack dab on Park Ave this sushi spot is dishing out their magical dining menu and it definitely impresses. So every appetizer comes with miso soup as you would expect at a sushi spot and then you get to choose between a loaded tempura plate, crunchy tuna tataki, or some kanpoongi chicken with is a really cool bowl of korean chicken bites.

magicalumibulgogi.jpeg magicalumisashimi.jpeg 
For your main courses there is a skirt steak which is always a good option for your non sushi eating friends, a plate of sashimi, good for your fish lovers since UMI takes the freshness of their food very seriously you are getting good quality seafood, and Bulgogi beef. I went bulgogi and I was far from disappointed, this 8oz of marinated tender beef is not just using the word marinated for menu description purposes because as I bit into the beef I could taste every bit of that flavor that I love so much. I love the kimchi and rice that were served with it but they received very little attention as the beef was just succulent.

magicalumidessert.jpeg magicalumicremebrulee.jpeg
As far as dessert goes the mochi and seasonal fruit are great and the s'mores sushi roll is adorable (I enjoyed that more than an adult should admit) but the real piece de resistance of their dessert menu is the ginger peach creme brulee. It is obviously a creme brulee but that peach and ginger flavor combination was among the best I have ever had and I have had my share of creme brulee, perhaps it is a personal preference because we enjoy ginger but this was something that really stood out as far as desserts are concerned. Great menu at a great establishment so this spot makes our list of magical dining picks.

Mia's Italian Kitchen

magicalmiaspizza.JPG magicalmiasmeatball.jpeg magicalmiasburrata.jpeg

Not our first time here and will definitely not be our last because Mia’s is still killing it and their magical dining menu is amazing. Starting off with a mini pizza slice topped with fig jam, fontina, prosciutto and parm with basil this thing is a nice and easy treat. So for apps you can get their giant 12oz meatball and garlic bread, some hand dipped ricotta panzanella which is tomatoes cucumbers, onion basil and bread, and a bruschetta alla branzino with garlic bread creme fraiche, cucumber and pickled onion. I went with the meatball because I love that thing it is one hell of a starter.

magicalmiaspasta.jpeg magicalmiasmussels.jpeg magicalmiasparm.jpeg
For entrees there is pork rigatoni which was good, a classic chicken parm, cozze di barra (blue mussels), and my choice which was cacciatore pappardelle. The Cacciatore was great because the dark meat chicken in the tomato and onion sauce was a nice classic taste, the noodles were super thick and very good which we know is due to the fact that they make it all in house.

magicalmiassundae.jpeg magicalmiastiramissu.jpeg
As for dessert they have two classic choices with a tiramisu and iralian sundae topped with edible gold flakes to make you feel all special inside. This meal may feed you for a couple of days so be warned this is a carb filled party!

Bites and Bubbles

magicalbitesegg.jpeg magicalbitespate.jpeg magicalbiteseacargot.jpeg
This place was a bit of a shock for me because I have driven by it a hundred times but have not seen it before so it really is a hidden gem. Their menu is pretty impressive, for appetizers they start off with a choice of caviar topped deviled eggs, pork pate, or escargot. I went with the deviled eggs on this one and it was nice and easy plus the pickled peppers and veggies served with each egg are amazing. The escargot was a table favorite and the pork pate was really full of flavor.

magicalbitespot.jpeg magicalbitesseafood.jpeg magicalbitesmac.jpeg
For entrees again you have four difficult choices, first is a beef bourguignon, then there is the chicken pot pie, the seafood platter, and beastly lobster mac and cheese. I got the chicken pot pie which was really nice and homey but not too carb loaded since it has the two flaky pastries on top but they were really well done. The lobster mac and cheese looked incredible and the seafood platter was insanely large it was kind of hard to believe they brought out a bowl that big.

magicalbitespecan.jpeg magicalbitesmousse.jpeg magicalbitescake.jpeg
As for dessert, there are a few options but the table went for the chocolate cake which was served warm with a chocolatey molten core, even writing this I can taste how amazing it is. The white chocolate mousse and berries was light, whipped and refreshing which was nice after such a hearty meal. Then there was the pecan pie which is a true classic and one of our favorites. This place has an extensive wine list and the owners are pretty into what they are doing so it's not a bad option to take their recommendations and add that bonus on.


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