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Village Food Tours

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So this was my first food tour (Chris's 2nd) and i have to say I was impressed!! So the concept is that you pay
these people and they arrange all the food and restaurants you will be visiting and out in Cocoa Village they
were definitely rocking some cool local spots. Since we will be covering different spots I will just break all these
up individually!

Palma Villa

First stop was over to Palma Villa where we were given some fried ravioli, a small plate of calamari and a killer
coctail. The bartender there was genuinely an artist! the things he did with the cocktails were all carefully
calculated to maximize flavor. I had a whiskey drink mixed with a couple different liquors and lemon which was
sweet but didn't detract from the quality of the whiskey. The ravioli was insanely crisp and just the though of that
texture sends chills down my spine and the cheese on the inside was beautiful and melty and god I'm hungry
again. Calamari was on point too! 


Ossorio Bakery and Cafe

So from there we walked about a block away to a small cafe called the Ossorio bakery and cafe, a small
cafe in a converted deivery stop! Offering a range of ice cream, coffee, snacks, beer, wine and fantastic
baked goods. We had a balsamic salad with chicken curry salad and a balsamic glazed croissant to sample
their fresh daily baked goods. So I got a little creative there and decided to mix some of their vanilla ice
cream with a vanilla porter and believe me I can not reccomend trying this enough! Coffee and vanilla
notes from the stout only enhanced the boisterous vanilla flavor in the ice cream! We look forward to going
back to try a few more of their menu items and get carbed up!

Thai Thai Village


From there we headed up the street to a corner joint called Thai Thai. Here we were served a beef noodle dish,
some steak on lettuce bites and Tuna poke. The steak was grilled up and served on small lettuce rolls that was
a great mix of juicy and crunchy, The drunken noodles were savory and filling and the tuna was so full of flavor.

El Bodegon


Next on to the supposedly haunted El Bodego, an authentic Spanish restaurant serving up Mediterranian style
dishes in really cool setting. Here we stopped for Tapas. Spicy chicken skewers were phenomenal, ceviche on
tostones, an empanada, and some oh so delicious saffron garbanzo beans. The building is awesome, real old
classy vibe to it and the setting allows for spanish dancers on some nights. Chris felt that the rumors were true
about the building being haunted but I suppose you guys will have to check that out for yourself.

Snug Pub

Our final stop was into the Snug Pub which is just that, a cozy little irish pub serving up hearty bites but we were
not here for the big meal instead we just popped in for dessert. and in that area we were not let down. The
traditional bread pudding was to die for! Bread pudding is solid on its own but when topped with fudge, caramel,
and ice cream how could you resist. 

All in all you really need to experience this for yourself. The folks who do the tour are super friendly, knowledgable,
and most importantly fun. The restaurants they go to shift around so you may have to go more than once but that is
ok because you will end up back there anyways. This charming little vilage is full of culinary wonders and the folks
over at Village food tours know their ins and outs. I have added the link for them here so you can book ASAP

everything from here is gonna look like a mess because I am going to post all the instagram pages for these restaurants so get ready for some crazy

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