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The Kitchen at the Hard Rock Hotel Universal Orlando Resorts


Always such an impressive entry with signed chefs jackets decorating the restaurant. Contemporary restaurant next to the pool makes it a good first stop from the lobby. Sit down and prepare for a feast with their comfort food menu. But first I recommend a drink or two so I started with this bad boy here.


Templeton rosemary rye smash 

Sweet whiskey flavor with just a dash of rosemary taste that really does the flavor justice. Smooth and refreshing without sacrificing a good whiskey flavor so you are not losing much of the punch but you are definitely experiencing something unique. So Time for an appetizer.


Grilled teriyaki beef tenderloin skewers

Served on a sesame rice cake and some kimchee these tender grilled beef skewers are incredible in that sweet teriyaki sauce that just melts in your mouth


Southwest steak flatbread

Corn, sweet peppers, red onions, cheddar and jack cheese with a horseradish cream straight poppin, definitely a flavor blend that I really enjoyed.


Grilled sweet soy glazed pork ribs

Stir fried jasmine and cauliflower rice, edamame. Jalapeno, and soy sauce. All very good, really impressed with the cauliflower rice it had a solid stir fry flavoring that made it really enjoyable. Ribs were good, tender, fall apart.



Real money is the desserts here the banana bread pudding was a solid choice but the strawberry ice cream thing was amazing. We were tearing this thing apart it had no chance against us.

Several of these items and more are also available at brunch which is another experience we were able to enjoy. Here in Orlando for $40 you can end up with an all you can eat and drink with all your breakfast favorites, some unique to the Universal Orlando Resorts, and mimosas or bloody mary's. Park Valet because parking is validated so for a poolside experience like this they are a relaxing choice for any time of day.


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