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Maria and Enzos 

Got invited in for Pasta Palooza to check out some of the ravioli selection at Maria and Enzos in Disney Springs. Designed like an old airport terminal this place does a pretty cool job at making you feel like it is about time to pack a bag! We were brought into a private room downstairs and given a small ravioli making demonstration by one of the chefs at the restaurant. After that we got to eating.

So first thing out was the meat and cheese board. This board was pretty impressive with some good salami and some great aged parmesan cheese. Then the ravioli selections started to come out, basic marinara, alfredo. pesto. garlic and butter, and their special artichoke sauce which was great.

They finished us off with some cannolis which were good too, solic crunch on the outside with great cream filling. 

Overall this place is decent for your basic Italian needs, The artichoke and marinara sauces stood out because of how fresh they were, all sauces are made in house. If you are looking for some quick Italian that will satisfy even the picky eaters in your group this is a good place to keep in mind.

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