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Pandora Quick Bites Animal Kingdom

Well if you find yourself heading a few lightyears out of the way and manage to land in Disney Animal Kingdoms
futuristic world of Pandora then we have good news! We can tell you what to eat. This will be a work in progress
but I assure you that we are here to let you know about the cooles and best places to grab some food on your
intergalactic journey.


Pongu Pongu stand

So if you wander just behind this guys you will see exactly what he was guarding! Pongu Pongu is a quick bite
stop that is well worth the stop. The menu is not extensive but for this trip that is exactly what we wanted, something
quick and sugary. So there are a few alcoholic beverages available here which we will detail further in the future but 
this time we kept it simple with the Night Blossom specialty beverage and a Pongu Lumpia


For so many reasons the night blossom is one of my absolute favorite theme park specialty drinks available.
Aside from the fact that it looks really cool it tastes just as good, it is layered with apple and pear limeade to 
give it that awesome coloration with a little sweet and sour tang going for it, to finish it off it is topped with 
absolutely succulent passion fruit boba balls which just add more fruity deliciousness to this already 
sugary explosion.


Those of you that do not know, lumpia is pretty much just a spring roll, except this one is stuffed full of 
pineapple cream cheese. Flaky crust just jam packed with that sweet and savory pineapple cream cheese.
Watch out because this one is a creamy one and you do not want to risk losing any of that filling.



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