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Arturo is from Valencia, Venezuela and opened two years ago, he started making lunch from home delivering around Orange Blossom trail almost door to door until they expanded and decided to open a restaurant. So I started with some passion fruit juice and if that doesn't sell you then I am not sure what will because fresh juice is incredible.


So their crown jewel is the Wonderarepa which is papelon sauce on beef, avocado, chicken salad, and a block of grilled cheese served on a crisp fried arepa. The flavors of the bapelon sauce were amazing, good sugar cane flavor used on the beef makes it a sweet but savory treat, the chicken salad offers its own touch and with avocado and gooey grilled cheese on top this thing is a little more than just a handful. This is an absolute beast. 


In addition to that I grabbed one of the fried started samplers. This included fried yucca, some arepa pieces, another slab of that very delicious grilled cheese and some tequenos which are fried cheese sticks and one of my favorite things ever. One thing that did set this place apart is that it is the first place that I have ever been served guasacaca with these things which is like an avocado, green tomato, peppers and natilla puree. Definitely a different flavor profile than that of what I am typically served with Venezuelan food which was refreshing because it is always great to try something new.


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