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champions gate fish n chips.jpg
Battered sausage and Chips

This was a great stop for a quick British favorite. The real money maker here is the batter, thats what makes or breaks the meal. Forturnately the batter here was on point. Since Chris was not with me on this one I did not sample the fish but I did indulge in the battered sausages. Banger style sausages in an incredibly crisp and flavorful beer batter deep fried to perfection. Everything here is a la carte so the fries and all are sold seperately but I was able to get the Sausages, fries, and a drink all for $12 which is a good value because I left full and rather satisfied. Along side the delicious and traditional fish and chips, onion rings, sausages etc this place serves up sausage biscuits (banger style sausage baked into a flakey pastry) and an assortment of meat filled pies (similar to an American Chicken pot pie but filled with different meats and sometimes topped differently). This place is a gem for all the expats and lovers of British foods especially for the residents of Kissimmee, Davenport, and Champions gate,

Sheperds Pie alongside Various other meat pies

Traditional style sausage rolls



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