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Sticky Rice Laos Street Food


Over on Colonial near Mills hides this delightful little treat of a shop.
We were invited in to check out the place and from the moment you
walk in the place already has a few things catching your attention. The
tables are all long wooden table for group eating, there is little to no
plasticware, the artwork and ambiance of the place is absolutely incredible
and custom made for the shop, this place has an awesome vibe. The food is
served like tapas, one group could get a few plates and share which is
whats encourages. Plenty of finger foods that are fun but also delicious.


The first dish brought out to us was a Coconut Chicken Curry which was a solid creamy Laotian
curry base jam packed with chicken, veggies and noodles. Next out we got the tapioca pork balls
which are just so packed with savory, juicy flavor sweet radish and minced pork, peanuts, cilantro,
dried chilies (best way to eat these is to stab them with a chili pepper, wrap them in lettuce, and have
at it!), the meatballs, coconut beef skewers and tender grilled beef, and some sticky wings to boot!
My personal favorite is the cured pork and sticky rice, cured pork done in house for a few days mixed
in with peanuts, grated coconut, scallions, cilantro, lime and of cource lettuce leaves to wrap them
up and chow down. Save the best for last with dessert which is fried bananas with coconut ice cream.
Dude these things are no joke we devoured them. This restaurant is great for that tapas style family
dining, perfect for people that want to try a little bit of everything without the commitment of a single dish.



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