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Senor Paleta Florida Mall

Well words only do so much for a place as cool as this because it is a simple concept and it is all in the flavor.
My biggest regret is only getting one and acting like an adult with self control versus letting my inner child take
control of this situations. Senor Paleta is a Puerto Rico based company cranking out paletas which are very fresh
and uniquely customizable vegan fruit based or cream based ice pops. After picking a base you get to decorate it 
however you choose, Chocolate topping, nutella, nuts, oreos, just use your imagination here ok?
The one I got was recommended to me by the girl who was working there and she came in clutch for sure
because we started with a birthday cake pop topped with nutella, oreos, and peanuts. What more could I say
than WOW. This tasted like everything 10 year old me wants and it made me so happy to see it all fresh made.
So the finished version comes out all delicious looking and I will leave the instagram post for that 
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