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Pictured: Weekend brunch chicken tandoori

So I found this place a couple of years ago when I was going to lunch with some coworkers and it instantly became a favorite of mine. Indian lunch became somewhat of a tradition because for $12 we were super happy with what we were getting. Quality food with amazing taste at a great price. Since then it has been a once a week or so spot for me to go. Having tried most things on the menu I will always recommend the Seekh kabobs and of course any variation of curry that they do is an absolute win. The spice levels always seem to come out just right but buyer beware, if you ask for your food spicy you are going to be getting spicy. The samosas are recommended not only because they are good but because they are one of my favorite things in the world and paired with the chutneys they are incredible. Over the weekend they do a nice champagne brunch with a varying selection of goodies with the exception of a few delectable staples. The dinner menu if full of hefty servings of some of the most delicious dishes that do not disappoint. All in all Saffron is one of Orlando Food Guys go to restaurants in the Dr Phillips area which is only minutes from Universal Studios Orlando Resort and the International drive area making it a great regular spot for locals and a worthy stop
for tourists.

Chicken Tandoori Plate


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