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Recess Pizza



Kya- pork belly, halloumi, chimichurri, crema (leafy and meaty)

Tammi- pulled pork, slaw, cheddar, spicy white stuff (sloppy and delicious)

Beverly- spicy pork, broccolini, ricotta, mozzarella, pomodoro (great meat and veg flavors)

Steph- ham and cheddar, blue cheese, garlic puree (cheesy delight)

Lily- spring tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella, focaccia(the classic)

Katherine- halloumi, olives, oyster mushrooms, garlic puree (mushroom and olive lovers delight)



ham, swiss, dijon


roast beef, provolone, pickled onions, horseradish


smoked turkey, cheddar, honey mustard

I posted a menu here because this is what it is. This is not the kind of place you make modifications to the food because the team that has put these pizzas and sandwiches together has worked particularly hard to make sure all the flavors are on point each and every time. Located in Orange county breweries in downtown Orlando and brought to you by the crew at Orlando Meats, Recess Pizza is here to kick ass and take names. Each and every pizza offers unique flavors, even the most basic models still just have something about them. The chemistry behind the dough is beyond my comprehension but for that we will let the flavors do the speaking there. This is a new and amazing addition to downtown Orlando’s food scene and when paired with the epic selection of beers from the brewery you could hardly go wrong. Personal recommendation from both Chris and myself is the Tammi. Wasn’t sure what to expect at first from a pizza that had slaw on it but this mess beast was a beauty that was both spicy and bursting with flavor.



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