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Don Pepitos Tropical Eatery


We were invited into the brand new Don Pepitos Tropical Eatery over on west
vine down 192 in Kissimmee. Definitely was not sure what to expect here, we
knew it was Puerto Rican food but something about this place seemed a bi
different. First thing that stands out is just the size of this place, I walked in and
there were a couple large parties in there, one easily had about 20 people but the
place still had space for more which was awesome. Took a seat out on the enclosed
patio after being greeted by the couple that owns the restaurant.

No time was wasted before we started getting food put out in front of us. To start we
were given their sampler which for $20 is no joke fried green plantain, corn fritters,
fried pork bites, mofongo balls, cassava fries, fried chicken pieces, meat and chicken
turnovers and Marquita's, this is way more food than you might believe because this
alone could have filled us up. The plantains and fried pork bites are pretty solid, the pork
is marinated well so you get the flavor all the way through your bite, the cassava fries
are incredibly addicting, the chicken pieces are an amazing snack, the turnovers are
crisp on the outside while staying juicy on the inside, the mofongo is something else
entirely but we will get into that shortly, all of this monster was satisfying.

Already stuffed we received the next plate, which may have been just as stuffed as we were.
The Tripleta Mofongo was presented to us and this is exactly what it sounds like, tripleta meat,
beef pork chicken all quality meats packed into this mofongo. The mofongo itself was different
and had a great texture, their process is a secret but I can tell you that it was delicious. On top
of all this is the in house take on pink sauce which is an incredible topper. Three of us attacked
that and as we sat there defeated, full, and in pure #3 came out.

An all meat paella, with a combination of the meats served off the regular menu combined
into a proper rice mixture and served nice sticky with all the right bits clinging to the pan.
This dish just felt properly done and for dessert a tres leche that delighted the senses.
We washed all this down with some frozen guava juice, boricua beer, and of course my favorite
, the mojitos. Each and every mojito served here is filled with fresh cut limes and mint leaves
straight off the vine, it is all muddled together before a double shot of rum is poured on top.

We tried the passionfruit and the coconut mojito and I doubt you would be disappointed
in any way, shape, or form with these as they are delightfully sweet with a proper punch.
This place is brand new and will be making alterations to the menu but after a conversation
with the owners we can hardly wait to see what happens

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