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Delicias bakery cafe


Opened since 2000 serving the community for 19 years. The. New location on whisper lakes has been open 3 years. The first thing you notice when you walk in is all the baked goods because they look incredible. All manner of Colombian breads and pastries available to buy fresh and order make your inner child dance with joy. The only thing better than all of that is the menu of food that you can order from and we went straight for the bandeja paisa. Choice of chicken, pork chop or skirt steak with chicharron, a fried egg over a bed of rice, beans, and your choice of tostones or plantains. This meal is not to be taken lightly because it is anything but light. 


While we waited we were brought an assortment of pan de bono which is colombian cheese bread and let me guarantee that these were incredible, just pulling it apart you could see how the dough and cheese blended together perfectly. We were then brought our chicken soups which is a typical style chicken soup but delightful anyways. When the main course was served it was hard not to rip right into it before taking pictures because it looked insanely good. Upon first taste this was confirmed because everything was fantastic, the chicharron had a good balance between what was fried crispy and what was juicy, the skirt steak was flavorful, the egg broke nicely dripping into the rice for a delicious combination, the additional chorizo sausage that we ordered was icing on this extremely meaty cake.
Stuffed and defeated we took some guava pastries to go with no doubt in our mind as to why this place was getting slammed for their lunch rush. Good food, great service, and baked goods for every occasion make this place a no brainer for those in the South Orlando area.



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